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How to get Custom Blinds on a Tight Budget

Everyone likes to save money, and when it comes to finding blinds, it’s easy to accept the first offer you get. But taking some extra steps to find a good deal make it easier on your wallet.

Here are some tips for shopping for blinds on a budget:

1) Shop for deals.​ Look around online. Get quotes from multiple local providers. You don’t have to settle for the first option. Remember to look out for installation and measuring costs when comparing prices.

2) Let your sales consultant know your budget.​ The experts are the ones that can push you in the right direction. This especially applies to settling on an affordable and quality product. For example, 2” faux wood blinds are budget-friendly option that don’t look cheap. 2.5 inch blinds are also gaining popularity and getting more affordable as the larger slats are used more in design. Taking a moment to ask about cases like this could lead you to unique budget-friendly finds.

3) Do one room at a time​, or maybe just the front of the house. It’s not necessary to finish the whole house at once if it doesn’t fit your budget. Pick and choose which windows to take care of first. Do what you can now and finish it later.

4) Ask about factory rebates.​ Depending on the company, some will offer incentives for customers to buy their products.

Local companies can help lead you to the right place.

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