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Remembering Stiles

Our shop cat, Stiles, passed this weekend. He was a good Kitty. We found him in 2005 after Independence day weekend. We heard some whining in our dumpster and found him, along with a raccoon. We named him Stiles after a Plantation Shutter component.

He had a long, adventurous life. He spent his early years patrolling the Best Buy Blinds shop and entertaining us. He came home to Isle of Palms for a while surviving and tolerating our other pets. He then headed to the upstate with our daughter's family. They lived near a farm where he hung out with some cows and a donkey as well as some other pet friends and our grandkids. He came back to our townhome in Mount Pleasant to enjoy his senior years. He loved to spend time on Gigi's lap and bury his head in Judge's armpit.

He will be missed. Rest in Peace, Stiles.

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