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Why to Buy Wood Blinds from an expert, rather than Lowes or Home Depot

Big home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot can be seem appealing because many people assume it will be a more convenient and cheaper experience in their blinds search. But overall, it may be a better and cheaper experience to go to the experts for you window treatment needs.

Many customers will walk into their local Lowe’s or Home Depot thinking that their windows must be a standard size that these big companies should have readily available. But in reality, there is no “standard window size.” Window sizes vary house to house, and even two windows appearing to be the same can have subtle differences that will end up needing different sized blinds. It’s a much more custom experience than many would expect, so getting an expert’s help will be much more worthwhile than working with the Lowe’s blinds department.

The truth about purchasing blinds at large home improvement companies is that they hire subcontractors to measure and install custom blinds, raising the overall cost of the experience.

Specialized window treatment companies often factor these costs into the price of the product, making them seem more expensive. Also, blinds companies usually offer a greater variety of products with a greater range of prices and quality. So, when you compare the quality and longevity of the window blinds you can get when going to a blinds expert, local blinds stores can be more competitively priced than you would think.

Ultimately, shopping for blinds at Lowe’s and Home Depot includes the risk of not purchasing from an expert who knows how to lead you to a quality product for the cheapest price.

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