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The Latest Window Shade Trend Will Surprise You

Window shades are commonly picked out later in the process of designing a room because they are usually chosen to fit in with the other elements of the room. But have you ever considered making your shades a focal point of your intended design? The most recent trend in window shades suggests that your window treatments don’t have to just blend in. Patterns! Bold or subtle, any room can be revived with a patterned shade to catch the eye. Contrary to solid colors that can generally fit any decor, patterns indicate intention behind the choice. A specific feeling is meant to accompany the pattern you choose. Some brights stripes create a playful room. Geometric shapes can be the finishing touch to a sleek and modern home. Delicate swirls or flowers can give sophistication to a bland room. Kids rooms are a particularly good place to add a fun pattern for a playful bedroom atmosphere. Pick out a pattern with their favorite colors that fits their personality to establish a theme for the room. A child’s bedroom plays an important role in their developing personality, so give them some opportunities for self expression. Let the kids look at some shade samples and make it an interactive decision!

Another type of shade emerging in the design world may not be considered a pattern, but is certainly a twist on conventional fabrics used for window shades. Shimmering fabrics, whether it be sequins or glitter, are finding their way into our decor. Picturing this trend may feel like it could look childish or cheap, but in many ways the sparkle revamps solid colored shades. Some even use some touches of shine to give a new meaning to shabby-chic, where a woven burlap-like fabric will have interspersed shimmering strands or beads throughout the shade. It’s a bold choice but it’s a great option for those who like to be ahead of the trends.

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