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The fastest Window Treatment on the market?

With summer at our fingertips, it’s time to get those windows ready for lots of sun and heat. And if you are in need of affordable window treatments ASAP, the best quick option that can fit any decor is 2” faux wood blinds.

Some are turned off by faux wood, but it is often a much cheaper and better fit for many rooms. Real wood is at risk of fading or warping in humid conditions, and needs special cleaning supplies. But faux wood blinds are a more durable option that is easy to clean and looks nearly the same as real wood blinds. Even our experts need to take a very close look to tell the difference! Not to mention, blinds are a must in the summer if you want to preserve the nice view outside because you can move the entire blind up and away from the window for unobstructed enjoyment of your surroundings.

Blinds are a classic choice for any room decor, and the 2 inch option is very popular right now. A functional white to match the trimmings is an easy and quick choice to blend into any room. But other rooms may call for a tasteful stain to perhaps match the wood of your favorite coffee table. A sleek black may fit well in a contemporary office. 2” faux wood window blinds are really the easiest and safest choice for any room design.

But the best thing about our faux wood blinds is how quick and easy we can get them into your homes and ready for the sunny days to come! At Best Buy Blinds, we can get your custom blinds measured, ordered, and installed in only 2-4 weeks. At such an affordable price, 2” faux wood blinds are a go-to for those looking for sensible and versatile window treatments on a budget.

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