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Plantation Shutters vs Silhouettes/Luminettes

Kelly: I love the look of Hunter Douglas Silhouettes and Luminettes. They have a soft, sheer appearance and provide a romantic feel to any room and complement a wide variety of decors. They can be dressed up or down with drapes or valances, but they also can stand alone.

Judge: For a home in the Lowcountry, you have to give plantation shutters serious consideration. They are undoubtedly the best application for street appeal. Lowcountry residents recognize the distinctive look of shutters and admire the homeowners’ good taste!

Kelly: Don’t get me wrong—I love plantation shutters too. But, when you feast your eyes on the smooth sheer fabric of the Sillouettes, it just seems so right. I like the ease of how they roll up into a 4-inch box that hides the stacking that occurs with regular blinds. Try that with plantation shutters! Also, Silhouettes and Luminettes can be automated so you can sit back and relax while the view is revealed by simply pressing a button on the remote control.

Judge: Whether you are on the beach or in a traditional downtown, South of Broad house, plantation shutters can give the right look and function for your home. For the beach house, you can have large (3 ½ -inch or 4 ½-inch) louvers. This provides a great view and maximum light through the louvers. For the downtown traditional home, you can have smaller (2 ½ -inch or 1 ¼ -inch colonial style) louvers with a four panel bifold. This gives you the privacy you need with the desired period style. Also, a horizontal center rail on either type of shutter gives you the ability to close the bottom set of louvers while leaving the top set of louvers open for view and light.

Kelly: Silhouettes and Luminettes are perfect for homes with amazing views like we have here in the Lowcountry. If you have an incredible view of the beach or the marsh, the Silhouettes will not block one iota of the amazing view. While both plantation shutters and the Silhouettes provide great UV protection (95 to 99 percent) when closed, the Silhouettes additionally provide 60 percent UV protection through the sheer when they are down but the slats are open. Your hardwood floors will thank you!

Judge: Properly installed plantation shutters will become part of the window moulding. They can be custom painted or stained to match the trim. It is like purchasing a fine piece of furniture for your windows that will last a lifetime.

Kelly: Well, I guess what we are saying is that both products are really great additions to your home. Real estate agents recognize all these products as assets for resale, as you will see both mentioned in the real estate listings. Often, the window treatments on a home for sale will be a pivotal selling point and, with either of these products, it would put the buyer over the top. For a free sales consultation and estimate, call Best Buy Blinds at (843) 884-3454, surf over to, or stop by the showroom at 1514 Mathis Ferry Road, Suite 12 in Mt. Pleasant.

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