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Motorized Blinds to go above and beyond with new technology

Motorized blinds are part of the home-automation movement that continuously makes our futuristic fantasies a reality. Day after day, this technology reaches new heights that may lead to a day where just thinking of altering the blinds will make it so. But we aren’t quite there yet. These products may seem too much like a scene from The Jetsons, but an increasing amount of everyday homes are implementing this technology as it becomes more accessible to the average consumer. Home-automation is no longer just for the Tony Starks of the world!

The main product I want to introduce you to is HunterDouglas PowerView Motorization. It’s a great quality product at the forefront of any advancements in motorized window blinds. Going beyond the expectation of a remote to control the position of the shades, PowerView can be connected to an app for your smartphone or tablet. On this app you can design different  “scenes” to set your shades, and you can program them to change at different times of the day to fit your schedule. Another setting can determine the exact time of the sunrise and sunset based on your location, and will change the blind setting accordingly. With that, you don’t have to think about changing the setting and can wake up with the sun every day!

If you already have some home-automation system such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can even sync up your motorized shades to work on voice command. Just as it works with the app, you can ask Alexa to close or open the blinds, or tell her to open them at a certain time the next day. The future is now! These innovative technologies are opening the average home to a new world of convenience.

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