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Motorized Blinds for the Modern Home

Motorized blinds have shown an increase over time, and the rise of “smart home” technologies have encouraged it even more. Doors, lights, speakers and more can be controlled from a smartphone, so why not include your shades?

The modern age has one major goal behind these technological advancements: convenience. And motorized blinds and shades are no different, which obviously minimize effort to open and close the shade (which is particularly useful for very tall or high up windows). They can also be automated to fit around your schedule and your home. One particular window that lets in the sun and threatens ruining your floors? Program that shade to close when the sun is up; it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

A major benefits to motorized blinds or shades is how well they can protect your home from damage and even intruders. The main function is blocking out harmful rays, which can fade your wood, carpets or furniture over time. It’s particularly useful for vacation days, where you can still keep your home safe from sun damage, and make it look like people are home, which will deter intruders.

Any home can accommodate motorized blinds. There are three options to think about when it comes to running your motorized shades. The first is battery powered, which is good for those installing it after their home is already built to avoid extra electrical wiring costs. Some cases can hook the blinds up to your home electricity system, which is nice because you never have to remember  to change the battery. There is also now a solar powered battery option for those wanting to save some costs and energy.

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