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How to Buy Plantation Shutters in Charleston

Plantation Shutters remain the most popular window treatment option in Charleston, SC.   They are well suited to the Low Country from both functional and visual consideration.  Shutters can be quite an investment and deserve some research before a purchase.  Certainly, you should start by going to websites like Houzz, Pinterest, Hunter Douglas, and others to view pictures and get a feel for what you like.  However, there is no substitute for getting someone with shutter knowledge in your home to make suggestions and inform you of the pros and cons of each design decision.  This could be a designer, decorator, window treatment professional, or a friend who has purchased a lot of plantation shutters.   As a window treatment specialist, I would suggest you include some folks from that category.  Most blind/shutter professionals in the Charleston area offer a free quote or on-site sales consultation.  They often include installation in their quotes and likely have the best prices.

Here are some of the key decisions that need to be considered as you design the shutters for your home…

  • Louver Size (2 1/2″, 3 1/2″, 4 1/2″, 5 1/2″, 1 1/4″, raised panels [ 3 1/2″ is most popular around here])

  • Number of Panels (Do you want a modern single panel look, a more traditional two panel per window look, or an even more traditional four panel per window, bifold look?)

  • Divider rail, Split Tilt, or no split (Divider rail is a horizontal rail that allows you to control top louvers separately from bottom louvers)

  • Material (Wood, Composite with vinyl wrap, Solid PVC [there are pros and cons to each – Solid PVC seems to be the most popular in Charleston)

  • Hidden tilt rod or Front Tilt Rod (Hidden is more contemporary and a little cleaner look, Front tilt is more traditional)

  • Inside or Outside Mount (this involves decisions around if you can mount the shutters in your window jambs or out on the face of the opening – there are pros and cons to each [inside is preferred if you can live with the compromises of which the main one is hindering the tilt feature of your window])

  • Frame Selection – (This is both a visual and functional decision.  Options include: L-Frame, Z-Frame, Hanging Strips, Direct Mount)

  • Color (most people match the trim with a stock color offered from the manufacturer; Custom paint colors and stains can be considered, as well)

  • Full or Half High (also known as cafe’ style)

  • Double Hung (a set of shutters on top of another set of shutters)

  • etc.

As you can see, there is much to consider when putting shutters in your home.  Call a pro and start enjoying the most popular window treatments in Charleston.

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