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How Much are Plantation Shutters in Charleston SC?

  • Plantation Shutters run about $300 to $400 per window for a standard three foot by five foot window.  This is true for most local full service window treatment companies and would typically include measurement and installation.

  • Do it yourself websites offer plantation shutters in that same price range but they do not typically  include installation or measurement services.

  • Big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot have similar price ranges but they typically charge separately for  a third party company to measure and install.

  • One would not likely get a decent quality plantation shutter for any less than that range.  Although, one could pay much more for brand name shutters or exotic, upgraded materials.

  • Plantation Shutters come in a variety of materials that affect the price.  Lower end prices are typically found on hollow vinyl shutters, composite shutters (medium density fiberboard with a vinyl wrap), or lower quality wood shutters.  Solid PVC shutters and solid wood shutters (poplar or basswood for example) are typically on the higher end.

  • Installation method can also affect the price of the shutters.  Most people prefer the look of an inside mount shutter.  This refers to the shutters being mounted inside the window jambs leaving a full reveal of the window trim. They are also typically less expensive because it is less square footage.  Outside mount shutters are mounted out on the face of the window covering the window trim or sheetrock.  They are often required due to a lack of depth in the window jamb.  Ask your shutter sales consultant on the pros and cons of each method.  Better yet, have them put sample shutters and frames right in the target windows so you can see how they will look on your windows.

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